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March 13, 2009


Bright Star (B*)

Your photographs do a gorgeous job of catching his growth over time. Happy Birthday, Nolan!


happy birthday, nolan. :^)


We wish you a Happy 1st Birthday! You are so wonderful and most of all your beautiful smile brings us such joy:) Love, Your Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Gabriel, and Cousin Maria.

Lisa Day



Happy Birthday Nolan!
Love, The Saunders,
Erin, Dan, Liam, Daniel, Jane & Patrick


OMG, I just loved that slide show. How blessed you and Brian are!!! and me too! Nolan is incredible as are both of the boys. What a wondrous year! ...and life to come. I would give anything to live near the boys. Thank you for making such a huge effort to keep family in contact and up to date on your family's happenings and lives.

Angie Rockow


There's no question that you're being raised by PURE LOVE...and already you radiate that PURE LOVE to the world. Kisses to you on your 1st birthday sweet Baby! Love, The Rockow's

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